Josh Merritt

My 'Why' Story

I worked a job that would not be in the category of "my passion job.”   I constantly looked for my exit strategy while searching to find my passion that I could pursue.  During this search, I saw so many others who were following their dreams and becoming successful founders of their own companies.  They were fulfilling their authentic selves.  I quietly cheered them on and celebrated their successes.   

My passion came after watching a documentary that effectively told a conservation story about a group of recent college graduates who would train and ride wild mustangs from Mexico to the Canadian border.   It finally clicked, the power of story!   After doing years of research and gaining my own experiences I quickly learned how much I was fulfilled by telling peoples stories in a way that could sell their brand, bring attention toward their nonprofit or sell an idea for a Kickstarter campaign.   I want to help craft that story. 

I would love a chance to speak with you and see how we can effectively tell the story of your brand, start-up, or non-profit that will create the emotional connection and ultimately motivate your audience to take action.