5 Must Do Actions to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Video

You've made the investment. You generated an amazing storytelling video featuring your team / company / product. Now you are ready for the world to see it. 


Photo by damedeeso/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by damedeeso/iStock / Getty Images

Don't miss these MUST DO actions to get the most mileage out of your marketing video!

Must Do Action 1:

Put your video on YOUR site first.

It's tempting to throw that sucker out there on Facebook because you are so darn impressed with your creation. But don't! Put it on your website and then share your link to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. This link carries some really useful properties with it, and most importantly it directs traffic right back to where you want them...YOU.

Must Do Action 2:

Make it SEO* loveable. 

Webcrawlers and Google, in particular, have a special way of doing things. They look for text, keywords, unique titles, clearly laid out information, and more. They don't typically care much for videos, frames, Flash, or HTML content. 

O.M.G. You just paid the last of your annual marketing budget to have this video produced and now it's not even Google-searchable???

Don't panic. Your video just needs a little copywriting love. Write a clear description for the video using relevant keywords and on-point titles.

While you are at it, hire a video transcription service to generate a very useful set of captions for your video.

*search engine optimization

Must Do Action 3:

You have 10 seconds to make magic happen.

Studies have found the attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and...have I already lost you?

Draw people in from the beginning. Don't slow play your A-game. If you are cutting a longer video, make sure some of your top content is right up front. 

Along with this tip, know that most video sharing social media platforms allow you to choose your thumbnail (that little picture with the play button waiting for a click). Choose your thumbnail wisely. Make it interesting and intriguing or highly relevant to the core of your message.

Photo by triloks/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by triloks/iStock / Getty Images

Must Do Action 4:

Embrace the silence and the sound.

If your video is on social media, your customers are likely watching the video with the sound off.

Without sound does your message still convey? Can you add some written narrative to drive your key points or prompt them to turn their volume on?

You have endless options here. 

Must Do Action 5:

don't just lead the horse to water. tell him to drink!

A Call to Action. Every marketer's mantra. You have the video that evokes the deepest emotions. You put in the effort to do your market research, have all the right keywords, the right targeted audience, and the right marketing strategy. And then you post it and wait.

This genius video should speak for itself, right?


You have to state the obvious. And just when you feel like you are being too overt, state the call to action again.

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Tell them exactly what you want them to do!


Your video should get the attention it deserves. And you will get extra mileage out of it by following these 5 must do actions. Also make sure to do a little number crunching at the end of your marketing campaign to see what actions, video cuts, or voiceovers were most effective with your audience. A little assessment of each marketing effort goes a long way to being wiser next time around.

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