About Josh Merritt Creative

Josh Merritt Creative was launched in 2016. We are brand storytellers and a creative advertising and film production agency. We produce films for corporate and brand messaging, public relations, social media, training, and sales and marketing projects.

Our commitment to powerful and authentic storytelling that elicits emotional action is truly our differentiator. We are more than an agency who shows up with a camera. We thoughtfully craft your unique storyline and bring your message to life. 

We grew up in the oil and gas industry. We worked in the oil field, the refineries, and on mega construction projects throughout the world. The stories of the hard-working people and the amazing feats they accomplish in this industry helped spark our passion for compelling storytelling. 

We welcome the opportunity learn more about you and see how we can effectively tell the story of your brand, start-up, or non-profit that will create the emotional connection and ultimately motivate your audience to take action.